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One System Can Easily Handle Lifting, Shifting, and Dumping 10/12 Containers During Working Hours.

It Facilitates Safe and Hygienic Collection, Storage, and Large Volume of Garbage Transportation With Fast Operation.


Containers of 14 to 20 Cubic Meters are Placed at Different Fixed Transfer Stations. Garbage is Collected Throughout The City With The Help of Light Vehicles Such as Small Capacity Tippers, Dumper Placers Etc. This Garbage Is Transferred to These Bigger Containers. Hook-loader Lifts These Containers and Carriers to Garbage Dumping Ground For Emptying.

Technical Data

Chassis 12-25 Ton or Customized
Booms Heavy Duty Booms of CRC/Eq. Sheets
Arrangement Hydraulic Cylinder of High Load Capacity, Hydraulic Pump & Others Efficient Controlling Systems to Easy Lifting of Big Size Containers From One Place to Other.
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