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Portable Compactors are supplied in roll-on/roll-off (hook lift) formats, to suit customers’ transport requirements and with integrated or external bin lifts. With compaction ratios of around 5:1, a portable compactor can hold much more waste than a standard skip, meaning many fewer collections for the waste to be disposed of.


  • * Smaller businesses that possibly have limited space on their premises, this means they require less room and are easy to move if required.
  • * As they’re smaller than static waste compactors, they fill up quicker, yet are the perfect choice if you’re producing smaller amounts of waste.
  • * One of the main benefits of a portable waste compactor is that it is fully enclosed, meaning waste is completely contained.
  • Technical Data

    Code QEEHL
    Chassis 12-25 Ton or Customized
    Booms Heavy Duty Booms of CRC/Eq. Sheets
    Arrangement Hydraulic Cylinder of High Load Capacity, Hydraulic Pump & Others Efficient Controlling Systems to Easy Lifting of Big Size Containers From One Place to Other.
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