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Suction cum Jetting is a Combination Machine, which combines High-Pressure Sewer Jetting Operation (JetMan) as well as Suction Operation with Blowback System (GullyMan). This Machine can carry out both the operations of Jetting i.e cleaning of underground drain lines as well as Suction i.e sucking of sludge from the chambers. Choked drainage/sewer lines ranging from 50mm dia to 900mm dia or more can be cleaned effectively & efficiently by high-pressure jetting operation.


  • * Equipment filled with a high flow continuous rating vacuum blower.
  • * This machine can carry out both the operations of suction as well as jets.
  • * It’s easy operations, low maintenance & high capacity Suction-jetting System helps in superior cleaning of sewer lines with high productivity & in very less time.
  • * Provision for manufacturing Suction and vacuum tank separately or combined on a single-vehicle.
  • Technical Data

    Code QEEHL
    Chassis 7 Ton, 9 Ton, 12 Ton, 16 Ton, 25 Ton/trailer or Custmize etc.
    Tank Size 4000 Ltrs, 6000 Ltrs, (8-20 Kl or Customized Tanks)
    Sheet Material Mild Steel (IS : 2062)
    Thickness 5 Mm, 6 Mm or as Per Requirement
    Vacuum Pump M/s Jurop, Italy / Battioni Pagani Italy / Eq. (5000 LPM –13000 LPM Capacity)
    Jetting Pump M/s Pratissoli, Italy / Equivalent Make ( 70 –260 LPM) / (90 –150 Bar) Capacity Suction
    Hoses Hose Heavy Duty (upto 5” & 15 Mtrs) Jetting House High Pressure (upto1¼”&60mtrs) Washing Hose With Gun (½”&10mtrs) Optional
    Power Take Off Vas/eq. With Upto 400 kgm Capacity Suitable Power Transfer Ratio to Drive Pumps
    Hydraulic Cylinder 1 Nos. For Tank Tipping & 2 Nos. For Door Opening
    Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump (40-80 LPM)
    Hydraulic Motor 60-160 CC
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